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Thai dock,

What is the difference between hemorrhoids and hemorrhoid?
If the Chapter which hardens so outgoing meat sbesar klereng in the "back" was a sign of hemorrhoids / piles dock?
And how the prevention / treatment?
Explanation please
Thank you
Hemorrhoids and Piles are the same disease. Piles / Hemorrhoids is another name for the disease known as hemorrhoids in medical terms.
CHAPTER hard lumps that come out when meneran may be one sign of hemorrhoids often complained many people.
Hemorrhoids are enlarged veins in the rectum due to blood flow through the vein is not perfect due to damage to the vein valves.
Common in the people who experience constipation (hard BAB) and customs meneran or people with jobs who are using the abdominal muscles and increased pressure in the abdomen old.
Read the topic Hemorrhoids.
Symptoms of internal hemorrhoids (piles in) are categorized into four levels with typical complaints and handling that can still be done at each level of the stage symptoms:
Stage 1 = CHAPTER bleed / with fresh red blood droplets during defecation. Usually bumps occur only local and small size. Treatment can be given with diet and topical medications, suppositories or drink.
Stage 2 = There lumps out of each Chapter, but can go alone every stop meneran without the need for special measures. Treatment given is given oral medication to reduce the swelling and changes in diet and healthy lifestyle.
Stage 3 - will come out when meneran Lumps and bumps entry Needs action with the help of a push from outside because lump can not be entered automatically. There is pain in the stool and meneran, seating etc. It takes operative measures.
Stage 4 = There is a bump out, painful sores and bleed and can not be pushed back. Requires operative action.
While external hemorrhoids (external hemorrhoids) are common lump around the anal ring swollen and painful, if complications occur can cause painful venous thrombosis and require operative action.
Handling of hemorrhoids in general can be categorized as follows:
Ointment / topical.
Suppository drug.
Oral medication.
Sclerosant injection.
Binding of the vein.
Coagulation / cautery.
Changes healthy diet with emphasis on fruits and vegetables (high in fiber) and consume lots of fluids.
Drug laxative / purgative.
Avoid the habit meneran.
Prevention can be done for people with hemorrhoids are:
Eating foods rich in fiber = fruit, whole grains, cereals, vegetables etc.
Drink plenty of fluids.
Avoid sitting for too long.
Avoid strong meneran.
Avoid lifting heavy objects.
I hope this helps.

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